Tuesday, December 27

balayage highlights

Last week I was lucky enough that my beloved hairdresser Tiffany Hoffman (NEW! Check out Tiffany's new Boulder balayage website here) squeezed me into a last minute highlight before the holidays. 

I got a small balayage highlight and a a Kerastate deep conditioning hair treatment (sweet alt. to a trim).

What is balayage?

Me after balayage highlight.

Me after balayage highlight, side view. 

Balayage is the hair highlighting technique that has been around for almost 30 years that finally started to catch on in the US in the past decade. Celebrities with balayage include Jennifer Anniston, Whitney Port, Rachel Bilson and Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady's lucky wife).

Balayage, a French word with translates as "to sweep" is a highlighting technique where the bleach is brushed directly onto the hair with a brush.  

The result is a natural highlight,  resembling more of a sun kissed look similar to the highlights young children get naturally from a summer in the sun. 

I just switched to balayage after years of extremely damaging and expensive foiled highlighting and I dont think I'll ever go back to the rigid, foil highlighting technique again. 

Things I love about balayage: 
  1. No #OMG my roots look awful I have to get in to the salon, like, yesterday.
  2. Less damage to the hair. More natural hair color showing, less bleach.
  3. Balayage demands less time in the chair. I love the salon, but I prefer to never be in the salon for longer than 3 hours ever again.
  4. Certified bayalage hairdresser. Any ‘shmo can do foils. ;)  

Me at The SideDoor Salon in Boulder. Balayage highlights setting up. 

Lastly, check out the before-and-after pics below. (left) was my at my cousin Tanya’s wedding in August 2010, (left) is my at my cousin Chip’s wedding in September 2011, this year.  The before picture was after a full-on “fry” light from my old stylist back in Michigan before I started doing balayage in Colorado. The after (right) lighting is much darker, but you can see my ombre styled balayage here better.

Thanks Tiffany for all of your patience and helping me revamp my hair. It’s been a long time in the making but finally I feel like I’m a balayage girl. 

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