Monday, January 30

away we go to mexico

Full Disclosure: The Prince and I are headed to Tulum, Mexico on...WEDNESDAY

Can you say whirlwind beach vacation? I absolutely love to travel, and I haven't been to Mexico before, so I am beyond excited to experience it all and soak up the sun - especially in Tulum! 


Tulum has been in the headlines recently, just south of Cancun, as the new 'hot spot' for heavy hitters in the fashion industry to escape. And why not? Tulum offers off-the-grid tourism, ancient Mayan ruins, excellent yoga, and sweet eats, inspired from across the globe  - apparently Tulum is also an extremely international town. 

We bought our tickets about a week ago on a whim. Both Kyle and I are in-between jobs, so with a little extra saved money + some serious wanderlust, we bought direct DENVER > CANCUN tickets between sending out resumes and networking over coffee. Kyle's best friend from college and his girlfriend (Drew & Julie) will also be too. We're going to have a blast. 

These are my must haves...

Sperry's / Sunglasses / Striped Swim Top / Earbuds / Winged Eyeliner / Orange + Buff Polish


Packing has to be light. We'll be there for six days, but Kyle insists I feel like it's important to try and limit my packing to make travel easier and life simpler. The weather is going to be high of 80 and low of 70, so no need to pack for weather variance!

Aside from beaching it,  we'll hopefully be going on runs in the morning and yoga classes at sunset, so I'll be packing 3+ gym outfits, amongst other things. The idea is to just bring swim suits, coverups, jorts, skinny jeans, two T shirts for sight seeing, two dresses for eating/dancing and just three pairs of shoes (running, Sperry's and sandals).

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What do you think? Have you ever just bought tickets on a whim? Any Mexico specific travel tips to share? Any beach MUST HAVES that I need to know about? Spill 'em.


  1. Thanks for reading my blog! Excited to find yours and follow along! Have so much fun in Mexico I have never been but would love too!!

  2. Love this post! I've been to Talum and LOVE it. Go check out the Mayan Ruins if you get the chance. I'm actually off to Brazil this Thursday. Just had a guest post on my blog about beach Essentials:

  3. Spencer's parents just went to Talum and absolutely loved it! Have fun


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