Sunday, January 22


I love my body. I'm not a diet kind of girl.  That said....I'm on a diet. 

Last week was my first week on 'The Four Hour Body' eating plan. The boyfriend and I are both giving it a try. Why? Well, we are both fit, so... Maybe out of unemployment boredom? But, I will say, after one week on this eating plan I feel great everyday, full everyday, and I still love seeing the weight drop off. 

Basically the four hour body is a no-white-crappy-carbs, no-sugar, and no-dairy diet. The Four Hour Body author, Tim Ferriss, suggests you eat mainly protein, beans, and veggies. 

The hardest part: 
The no sugar restriction. But I can still have one serving of diet coke a day, so it's all good. 

The best part:
CHEAT DAY! Yes there is a whole scientific reasoning behind this one calculated 'cheat day' per week, but we'll save that for another blog to explain. Saturdays are now officially our cheat day and we went for it.

Moe's Bagel for Breakfast (& chocolate croissant, not pictured)

 Larkburger, parmesan truffel fries,  and chocolate shake.

Whole foods pizza bar, chocolate cream pie slice & piece of carrot cake.

This morning I felt pretty gross after yesterday's outrageous cheat day, so we went for a beautiful hike  here in Boulder, and I'm happy to be back to the eggs, spinach, and Chipotle burrito bowl diet. 

I love Boulder, Colorado!!!! source
Have you ever tried dropping carbs? What treats did you enjoy this weekend? Chocolate crissants are my biggest weakness!


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  1. First of all, hats of to you for staying away from sugar. I am lucky to have good genes because have a serious sweet tooth and have a hard time staying away from sweets. My brother goes school in Boulder Colorado. He plays football there. He is 6' 7" and 275 lbs. B


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