Thursday, January 19

decorating a white bedroom

Last weekend, my man Ky was a total prince and volunteered to brave Ikea with me. It was both of our first times in the super store. I loved walking through the designed living areas. It's fun to see what I love compared to what he loves. Luckily, in the end we had extremely similar styles - even down to faucets and hooks. We made it through the store in just under two hours. I had a clear list of items I knew I wanted and ended up bringing home. 

  1. Blaippa Duvet Cover, white (so unbelievably soft and beautiful)
  2. Beryll Wall Spotlights, white (mounted symmetricly on either side of the bed)
  3. An array of Ribba frames, white

Are you picking up on a theme here? 

Right, my entire dreamy bedroom is a white palette. I love my sheets, feather duvet, pillows, nightstands, lighting, and frames white. Aside from colorful art pieces and my dark chestnut 6-drawer dresser (a solid wood hand-me-down) my entire room es blanco.  It all started with sheets. If you stick to white bed linens, it's easy to build your closet with replacements, for when it's washing week, while keeping everything crisp and complimentary. Also, as a young lady, I am not yet lucky enough to be a homeowner, and embracing the rental-white-walls is just easier. 

Some inspiration:

My dream bedroom. White washed floors, white linen, cozy art, brilliant lighting.
Slightly girly, but gorgeous textures and symmetry.

So Scandinavian. So lovely. 

Modern and white with interesting B&W stripes.

White bedding allows the rest of the room to do the talking: artwork, architecture. 
How i feel when I get in bed (not how I look). 

Gorgeous white headboard adds a glamourous feel. 
Hey wittle guy, how did you get in here? 

A parting gift: snapshot of my town, Boulder, in snow. 
Photo by my friend Grant Blakeman.

Check out these nice posts: at the blog A Cup of Jo, Joanna Goddard asks readers what their secret is to a great bed.  Also, this informational/inspiring post on decorating with white, which includes some suggestions of tried and awesome white paints.

What color is your bedroom?  What color do you find yourself always returning to? Could you rock an all-white bedroom? 


  1. wow! those rooms look heavenly. I have cream bedding which is almost the same. ;) cute blog! xoxo

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I know the beds - they look like clouds. Cream bedding is totally dreamy too. xo Patty


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