Monday, January 2

a new year

The trip back home to the mitten was a fantastic time, the holidays couldn’t have been nicer.

Each family get together was filled with homemade food, thoughtful gifts, and most importantly healthy grandmas, aunts, uncles and cousins and new babies!

My cousins' babes Gianna (left)  and Jack (middle). Kyle's Niece/Goddaughter, Natalie (right).

I made out like a bandit with gifts this year. Got my favorite perfume Flowerbomb (VIKTOR AND ROLF) and the yoga mat Ive been drooling over (MANDUKA EKO LITE) from my parents. My sisters got me great gifts too. Julianna picked me out a beautiful deep jewel toned, long sleeve dress Kate Middleton would be jealous of and Greta designed and glazed the most beautiful bowl, which I can't wait to put right on my dresser and look at every day. Kyle got me the cutest deep brown tall Ugg boots with buttons. My old Minnetonka boots had seen their day and Kyle fully surprised me with such a sweet gift. I haven't taken them off since Christmas, well except for New Years Eve...

New Years Eve Family Dinner in Chicago. Dress. Cardigan. Shoes.

New Years was an extra special affair.  Kyle's family invited me to join them for the annual New Years Eve family dinner at Shaw’s Crab House downtown.  Kyle’s Uncle Mike is the partner of restaurant group in Chicago, which includes Shaws and my favorite Café Ba Ba Reeba (imagine my surprise when I learned this!!)

In the back room of Shaw’s with a party of 20+ family members, one after another, every person stands up and shares their resolution for 2012 (Thanks Kyle for giving me heads up on this tradition so I could prepare).

My Resolution? You're looking at it. I will be posting here regularly and hopefully PGB starts to take shape and take on a life of it's own.

Although 2011 brought me so many wonderful and amazing people and experiences, some of which I thought would never be realized, 2011 also brought me a good amount of heartache and hard times, some I could prepare for and some of which were not my decision at all.  New Years Eve was a somewhat emotional day for myself. Thinking about starting new,  becoming the best version of myself, reflecting and dreaming about what the future has in store.

Currently I am unemployed, aside from a few small PR/nonprofit jobs I am doing on the side. This week I have two big interviews at companies I would love to work for. More on this later. Maybe an interview style post this week too?

“You are daring to imagine that you could have a different life. Oh, I know it doesn’t feel like that. You feel like a big fat failure now. But you’re not. You are marching into the unknown armed with…nothing.” 
You've Got Mail (1998)

Just a few instagrams from Christmas:

Christmas Eve Mass, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mom's Christmas Morning Cinnamon Treat

The aftermath at my parents.

Photo Credits: All images are my own.

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