Wednesday, January 25

pretty powerful thoughts

At my yoga studio, The Yoga Pod Boulder, I work hard in class just to leave the studio with a fit body and a clear mind, firmly planted in the present moment.

But, sometimes the physical practice isn't enough to get there.

 If I'm needing a little extra motivation, these 'Power Thought Cards' by Louise L. Hay always have the nugget of inspiration I need to get #prettygrounded. 

There are 64 cards in the deck with simple and sweet messages on both sides. 

I'll be getting a deck for my house. Although I've probably read each card twice, I really believe these powerful thoughts are something we can never hear enough.

What do you think? Would you add this slightly different item to your coffee table collection?  Here are a few other inspirational deck options. 

DIY Desire to Inspire Card Project / source

The Power of Now Meditation deck is written beautifully. 

-Adventures in Babysitting- 

To brighten up your hump day, here's an Instagram from my babysitting gig last night. 
After helping Ruthie, 8, with her homework, she was not happy to find this hottie hanging out with the other quadrilaterals we found. Oh how I entertain myself sometimes. 

His jaw is a quadrilateral....

"All you need to know is this: you are enough." -Christine Mason Miller


  1. hey Patty! just saw your comment on my blog :) thanks for coming by! I love meeting new bloggers. Anyways I use a Bernina 1008. I LOVE it! Bernina is my favorite brand for a home sewing machine. Saw that you live in Boudler, Colorado. My little bro is on a football scholarship for the buffs :) he just started last year.

  2. I think I may need to invest in that motivation deck. I've been struggling to motivate myself to get some things done this week. Maybe that would help!

    The Klury Report & Kini Style


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