Friday, January 13

prints on friday// orange to infinity

This week's print is inspired by bedroom art. I love how contemporary this piece is, the orange color is fresh and bright but paired with the white it's calming and brings a scandinavian feel to the room. I also love how the white organic shape mirrors an infinity sign. 

Bedroom art is a mystery to me. What and why people choose the art they do to hang it in their sleeping area feels very intimate. There are no real rules for what "bedroom" art should or should not be. 
The only rule I'd suggest, for any art or print, is hang only what makes you feel happy.  

Here are few bedroom art inspirations to peruse. Which do you like best? 


  1. Ooooo adoring that red backboard - its so lovely! Cute blog you have here :) Happy Weekend!


  2. Thanks for stopping by Tasia! The red backboard is super cool- maybe a DIY project to tackle? Love your blog. Now following!


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