Thursday, January 12

stylemint review

This is my review of StyleMint, the monthly T-shirt club where members receive a $30 credit each month to order a new T of their choice.  Every month new designs are added and there is no obligation to buy. You may order the same shirt or an older style shirt instead of a new design, but hurry because some new styles sell out quickly in smaller sizes.  

The StyleMint T collection is styled by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I love their modern style and unique sense of fashion. Their styling was a huge draw for me to the club.

Why I gave StyleMint a try:

I joined StyleMint in October 2011, and after four months and four shirts I am beyond happy! My personal style is quite mod, and I am always layering clothes. While going through my atrociously messy closet in August I realized that there are very few patterned shirts I wear on a regular basis. My favorite, go-to shirts are all solid colors, simple fits, slightly oversized, and seriously worn out. When I first heard about StyleMint last summer, I tucked the idea away, but it wasn't until I realized what I was wearing on a regular basis that I decided to give StyleMint a try. All StyleMint T's are updated silhouettes on classic T shirt styles, that are timeless, chic and excellent quality. 

Below are the four shirts I've brought home thus far (all images are from the StyleMint website).

Prince, Navy

Bixle, Fanfare Blue
Whilshire, Party Pink 

Wilshire, White

StyleMint sizes are slightly different. You can order size 1-5. I wear a medium or large because of my wide shoulders, long torso and my preference to have a shirt that is looser. So, that said, I usually order a size 3, but when I order a longer shirt  (that I hope will graze my booty, especially when I wear leggings) I get a size 4. For example, I order a size 4 in the Whilshire shirt, which has been my favorite T so far.

I absolutely LOVE StyleMint and if you can appreciate classic silhouettes and are willing to pay for quality you must give StyleMint a try today.

Check out some styles on the site. Which ones do you like best? What are you worries about joining the styleMint club? I'm interested to hear your concerns.

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