Friday, February 24

BeHoLD! Friday

Remember 1 year ago, when BHLDN (Urban Outfitters newest venture) was just a shiny idea? Before anyone was shocked at the high prices we'd pay for such low quality? Frankly, I'm not surprised....

BUT BHLDN's redeeming quality might be the buckets of inspiration that comes from the brand. 

I've got a sweet treat for your ears this morning! I found the song that looped on the BHLD website before it opened to the public. I just love it.  

So press play, leave PrettyGrounded's tab open, and move along with your morning routine. I hope this makes for a pleasant start to a new, clean day for everyone. 

Did you know BHLD opened a store front in Chicago last week? source 
Look out around noon for this week's edition of Prints on Friday //



  1. Thank you for your kind words on my new guest series! The support means a lot. RE: BHLDN I love their inspiration images, but haven't yet bought anything. Does the quality leave that much to be desired?

  2. I love browsing BHLDN's site, it's so pretty! Haven't bought anything yet (I wish it had come out sooner so I could have used some of it for our wedding!) Oh well. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. My friend work for that company. They actually do have some nice stuff but I'm a cheapskate. Haha

  4. Oh you are so right...FABULOUS things to be had! I'm all about those pretty baubles! Those brighten my Friday right up (c: Have a great weekend, dearie!


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