Tuesday, February 14

My Valentine Love Story

First: How sweet is Google.com's Valentine's Day Doodle?? 

I met my Valentine, Kyle, 3 years ago today in our hometown on Valentine's Day! I was a Senior at university and was throwing a party for my roommate and best friend Hillary, whose birthday is on Valentine's day. I remember the exact moment I first saw Kyle, as him and his crew of handsome bros shuffled awkwardly into our sweet Valentine-themed kegger party.


He was so cute! He was so sweet! We talked, danced, kissed (photo above as evidence) and exchanged numbers. Yeah, that was it, but the next morning I called my favorite Aunt to break the news to her that I'd met my future husband (I know, I know).

At first, our love story sounds perfect, but, fact is, it wasn't until over 2 years later and 1,000 miles from where we met, that we were both in the right place in our lives to fall in love. In 2009 we went on a few dates, but then the text messages stopped. We both had a ton of healing and growing up to do. And thank God we had the time to grow independently before we would grow together. Life is good.

Happy Valentine's Day, Ky! Love you xoxo

Too much info? Here's your cheesy take-away:

There's a plan for you! If you're single on this stupidly romantic holiday, remember that your soul mate is out there. And, chances are, he's probably feeling lonely today too. But until you two finally meet, the best advice I have is take exquisite care of yourself today. Be the best version of yourself. Make mistakes, learn, laugh, grow, make friends, be yourself.

Relax, everything will unfold exactly as it should. Happy Valentine's Day, readers. 

Unrelated: Some pics from my weekend in Vail

5" of fresh power and the snow was still falling.
Mountain man.

Best day of the year //  Me, Kyle and Claire (Kyle's FUN sister)

_________________Happy Valentine's Day! ________________

My little sister Greta got my Vday postcard in the mail :) Love you, Greta Goo
So tell me, how is your Vday going so far? 


  1. You guys are so adorable! I like the advice of being the best you :) Cute blog! New follower.

  2. Sweet! Enjoy the rest of your day (:


  3. Wow that is a freaking adorable & super romantic love story!!!! I love stories like this when it almost didn't happen but it was just meant to be :) i keep thinking though damn that must have been kinda hard to wait that long!!!!! Haha!

    Have a great weekend!
    Nicole Rene


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