Monday, March 12

Daylight TAKINGS

Glenwood Canyon en route to Aspen
Gondola on Aspen Snowmass  / Kyle SO HAPPY to be on the mountain

Dub-step at Belly Up Aspen

I can not deal with this time change bullshit. This might mean (1) I'm officially old or (2) I had so much fun this weekend my body quits. Getting up today was... well it almost didn't happen.

This weekend Kyle and I made the four hour trek to Aspen to ski with (our newest) couple friends- Heath and Cassie- from Chicago. They were in for the weekend and we skied Aspen Snowmass on the sunniest, warmest ski day so far this year. We are all originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan so it's safe to say the midwestern accents were out with a vengeance this weekend.

I was also abel to see my bestie from my school days, Caitlin, who is living the dream in Aspen. She took me to this Dubstep show - and we dance our asses off!

Great weekend, with new and old friends and my fun, supportive, hilarious boyfriend.


HUGE week ahead of me at work to be capped off with three days of events AND St.Patricks day celebrations...maybe #pause would be the best button for me today. You too?


  1. Sounds like an amazing time!!



  2. I hear ya, I just can't recover from a weekend like I used to! I need all week to to make sure I'm all rested and ready for St. Patty's Day Saturday!!


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