Monday, March 26

Mad Megan

This scene reeks of awkwardness. I mean - my mouth was wide open for the entire scene.  And how awky does little Don look too? Absolutely terrified! I just love her dress and gorgeous sex-kitten hair but, without any obvious center or side part in sight, it's safe to assume it's a wig.

I haven't watched Mad Men since season two, but I did tune in on Sunday night for AMC's two hour season five premiere. All I have to say is this show makes me confused about how I should be feeling at times.

Megan (above) is Don Draper's new wife and, although she immediately seems young, odd and full of ulterior motives, my final impression of her was how she simply brings to light how odd this bunch of ad men we've been following have become. Even her name is alarmingly modern.

I'm excited to see where this season will go. Plus the period clothing and sets are absolutely off the hook too. Case in point: a carpeted, step-down seating area?

How mod can we go?

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  1. only saw the very beginning but have it on my dvr.... can't wait to watch!!!


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