Thursday, March 1

March Lions

In like a lion, out like a lamb. 
View from my office on Pearl Street in Downtown Boulder, CO

What do you think of that bleek image of the first day of March? I love March because its so transformative. We've almost made it through Winter, friends! March 20th marks the first day of Spring, and March 22nd is my birthday. 

This pretty grounded girl is going to be a 25 year-old woman. Expect a few gift wish-list posts,  more sunny outside landscapes, and hopefully some warm spring skiing pics from me this month.

What do you think of March? It can be pretty icky in the midwest...


  1. I think March is looking all sorts of dreary all the way in Portland too.
    But I think March has some good things in store. Like birthdays and St. Patrick's Day, and SPRING.

  2. If Chicago keeps this mild winter we've been having, I'll be perfectly fine with it! And as an Irish gal, I can't wait for St Patty's Day!! xo

  3. I love March because to me it means it's spring time! No more yucky winter. But, I live in Texas so I realize that it's not always pleasant everywhere! :)

  4. I am jealous... we've hit 80 already... but don't be jealous... because it came with nasty humidity -sunshine is one thing... like Cali... but sunshine in Texas... it involves alot of sweat. Like I said... I got to get back to Colorado! :) Happy March!

  5. That's how NYC looks. Ugh. So miserable!


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