Wednesday, March 14


I am absolutely loving Andrew Bird's new album, 'Break it Yourself' released early this month. I'm not a die-hard Andrew Bird fan, but since the release of the song, 'Oh No' about two years ago, I've been listening.  This is the best album to listen to at work! 

Bird was on The Colbert Report last night and he was awesome... such a hipster.

Hipster Checklist

(✓) Custom Blazer
(✓) Wool scarf
(✓) Chambray Shirt
(✓) Emotional Lyrics (Case in point: "Go ahead and defibrillate yourself")

An excerpt from the NPR Article 'Andrew Bird's World of Wit, Whimsy, and Whistling' which I am including because Bird himself describes exactly what I treasure about his music:  

Break It Yourself continues the balancing act that Bird has carried on for much of his career: celebratory, upbeat music paired with lyrics that drip with heavy subject matter. 
"I've been playing around with that before I started making records — the lightness and the dark," Bird says. "I think that dark on dark is kind of boring, but the juxtaposition is what we call melancholy. That's the basis of most music, really. I've always liked that contrast." 

Danse Caribe is my favorite so far. So...what do you think? Pray tell!

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