Tuesday, March 6

Pizzeria Locale

Last night a girlfriend from back home in Michigan, my sweet friend Audrey, came down to Boulder for the evening to grab a bite, check out the city and catch up (we may have even had time to breeze through last night's Bachelor on DVR). We opted for the bright atmosphere, cozy traditional Napolitano-style pizza, and wine on tap at Boulder's Pizzeria Locale, located just few blocks from my apartment on Pearl Street. 

I've eaten at Pizzeria Locale before (fun fact: this was where Kyle took me on our first date 10 months ago), and knowing Audrey so well, I knew I needed to take her to a comfortable dinner spot... a.k.a. Audrey struggles with picky eater syndrom (unlike me, who will eat practically anything you put in front of me). Boulder's top restaurant, Frasca, is the parent restaurant to Pizzeria Locale; I knew it wouldn't disappoint.  

She settled on a traditional white pizza, the Bianca, with mozzarella and sausage. I ordered the Maiale, a red sauce pizza with parmesan, mozzarella, prosciutto and my absolute favorite pizza topping: fresh, bitter arugula. YUM. The atmosphere was tops, and the General Manger Chris (who is a always so friendly) took excellent care of us. 
images are not mine. source.
Catching up with old friends is a sweet reminder that with true friends - through high school, undergrad, different cities, and multiple boyfriends - the original thing that bound you together years before, can be easily rediscovered one evening over dinner.

Much love! 
How was your Monday?


  1. YUM. looks amazing.
    def going to have to go get pizza for lunch!
    xx jes

  2. that looks soo yummy!! I want pizza now!

  3. Looks delicious! Glad you had fun girl time - that is the best!

  4. That pizza looks delish! Love your blog, I'm now following you :)




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