Wednesday, April 4

Clunky Bunny

On my walk to work I noticed a lilac bush heavy with purple buds, about ready to burst into my favorite time of the year: lilac blooming season. For me, there isn't a more lovely or fragrant time of the year. 

Whats up bun?

And although it's my favorite time of the year, sometimes this season marks a time of clunky, cranky change. 

I have to get used to more sun (I'm still an overcast midwestern girl at heart), find motivation to get to the gym, and evaluate what makes me happy to decide what I need to let go of. 

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the astrology year. One of my favorite, most insightful yoga teachers here in town sums up this odd feeling in his Elephant Journal article:

One more thing: A New Desktop for April 

1 comment:

  1. such beautiful pictures! and i need that bunny. in my hand. right now.


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