Thursday, April 26


This is exactly how I'm feeling today.  
Always thankful for days like today when things just seem to come together. 

My favorite, Hillary, and her adorbs fiance Matt. 

Yesterday the dates for my college bestie's bachelorette weekend were finalized. 
We're going GLAMPING ya'all!!!
 Girly-camping for an entire weekend in August at Torch Lake in Northern Michigan, the best place on earth, with my favorite ladies. 
Dreams do come true. 

Forests butted up against fresh-water lake michigan.

(Minus the men... and the tent hopefully)

The water really is THAT clear and beautiful.

denim, denim, bloomers. Yes.

"waiting on you, bitches" 

In other news... Obama was in Boulder this week.
How classic is this picture?

Holla at 'cha #POTUS!

1 comment:

  1. so jealous you are glamping - great bachelorette idea. love the "waiting on you bitches" caption :) and that obama pic had me cracking up!


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