Monday, April 2

Flower Shop

The CHEESIEST photo finish at the Aveda 5K in Denver on Sunday.
Ran a 5K this weekend at Washington Park in Denver. It was a small race for clean water, put on by Aveda. It was the most lovely morning the 1st of April has ever seen in Denver. It was also a great wake up call for me to get my workout plan into gear. I'll be running the Boulder Bolder 10K with my Mom in just eight weeks! 

Did I mention I'm not a runner? Ugh. 

Gorgeous fresh flowers to create the perfect bouquet.
We had the nicest weekend ever. An engagement party Friday night; errands, tennis and a movie on Saturday; Sunday we did the 5K and had a fam BBQ at Aunt Carols.

BUT Fun weekends can make for more struggle-y Mondays, for me anyway. 

What about you?

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