Friday, April 27

Prints // Charred Chard

 I love this print for the kitchen. 

And do you know what I love more than this print? Swiss chard. It's so hearty, healthy and simple to prepare; a side dish favorite at my house.  If you can find rainbow chard (almost as vibrant as the print portrays) you're plate is in for a delicious color party. 

Last night I made this something out of nothing with chard, peppers and cabbage:

First, in a large saute pan, heat a little coconut oil (healthy and light alternative to butter or olive oil) over medium heat. Add one minced garlic clove and saute until light brown. 

Secondly, add 1/2 red pepper and a little water. Cover and steam for a minute or two ( because pepper are the most dense veggies from the three, you're just looking for the pepper to cook a little).

Next, add the red cabbage, cover  and cook for a few more minutes, occasionally taking off the cover to shift veggies around to keep them from burning.

Lastly add swiss chard, about a tsp of thai green curry power and  however many peanuts your heart desires. Continue sautéing, until chard is as wilted/cooked as you like and that's it! 

coconut oil
one garlic clove
1/2 sliced red pepper
1/4 cup diced of red cabbage
4 leaves of torn swiss chard (regular or rainbow, cut off stalks)
1/4 tsp of thai green curry power

IT IS DELICIOUS and I ate it all... 

...but then I ordered pizza.

Happy Friday Pretties! 

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