Friday, April 13

Strong Backhand

Happy Friday Lovelies! Headed up to Vail this weekend to hang with my dearest newest coolest friend Kristie. We'll be partaking in ski season closing day festivities, but (for the sake of trying to be more optimistic) let's think of it as the mark of the beginning of a beautiful summer

Boulder is the best. This tennis court is five blocks from my apartment and five blocks from work.  I've taken up tennis again - well tennis practice with my beau. I've got a long way to go but things are progressing. Such a fun little workout too. Now to build out my tennis wardrobe...
it's all about the pockets, baby.

 Michigan is a damn dream. source
My first summer vacation trip back to the mitten has been planned (contrary to belief it doesn't go away when you're an adult...if you don't let it). Can't wait! Sisters, Lake Michigan, grad parties, Bachelorette parties and adorable fat babies - here I come! 


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