Wednesday, April 11

Yoga No Go

Here is the anticipated follow-up post on my Yoga Glo experience.

 I only took 2.5 classes in six weeks. Sad face.

Reasons it didn't work out

  1. Come to find out, weeks into a new job there isn't really time for... anything
  2. Thirteen inch screens are small, no matter how high the definition
  3. My apartment is lacking a (gorgeous, dreamy) yoga room to harvest zen

I am happy I gave Yoga Glo a try. And, on a positive note, I only paid for one month ($15) and I took 2.5 classes so that's just $6 a class, super cheap!

Another confession: I haven't been working out at all the past six weeks. Before this hiatus I had been working out for over a year straight,  one to three times a week. Once I even had a 36-week Foursqaure gym check-in streak, until I went to Miami. The beach is a great excuse to not workout but skipping work outs because you dont feel like it is not. 

So, I'm officially back on the workout wagon as of Monday and it feels great.  Some of you have asked what I do to say in shape.

My average warm weather workout week is as follows:

  • 30 mins of cardio & 30 mins strength training, 2-3x/week
  • 60 mins tennis, 2x/week 
  • 60 min yoga class, 2-3x/week (varying levels of intensity)
  • 60-120 min hikes 1-2x/week 

Photo: My bff on her honeymoon in France, Boulder yoga teacher Laine Gallegos.

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  1. Hi Patty,

    Thanks for the follow-up on your YogaGlo experience. We know it can be a challenge to fit in a yoga class with a busy schedule. Let us know if you need any help connecting your laptop to your TV (bigger screen!) or finding short classes that you can fit into your day. Wishing you a flourishing yoga practice!


    Social Media Manager


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