Saturday, May 19

Big Girl Bed

collect moments not things
Today I made a big girl purchase - a queen size, pillow-top COZY mattress! I got a great deal from a locally owned dealer but it still was the biggest purchase I've made spur of the moment plane ticket to Mexico in January. BUT I have a feeling, like my illy-planned trip to Mexico, this mattress will pay off ten-fold in ZZZZzzz's.

Truth be told this big purchase made me freak out a little. I put it on my credit card, and any big ticket item on the credit card equals guilt for me. It's my thing I guess. But after I swiped the card I started to freak out and worry about money and how else I could have spent it - but I had to remember to breathe and realize - everything is going to be okay. I have everything I need and perfect new mattress - which I think I'll take a nap on now to sleep off the buyers remorse. 

If only I had this wittle guy to cuddle with in my new bed. 

Guess who's on the kale train? This girl. I already love salads that are actually worth your time - my theory is any "salad" that is not dark green is a waste. The kale salad at OAK in was where my love affair began. Since then I've been adding finely chopped kale (easier to chew) to all my salads. 
Tonight I executed my first all-kale salad. I think citrus dressing offsets the harshness of the kale. I used this citrus recipe as a guide to make my own vinaigrette. Delicious.  I also added toasted almonds and some random cheese I found in the back of the fridge (FYI hard cheese don't really go bad, they are old milk to begin with. It's true!). 

Happy Weekends! 

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  1. I looove adding kale to my homemade spaghetti sauce or stuffed peppers!


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