Monday, May 21

Farmers Market Find // Scrubbies!

This weekend was my work's first farmers market of the season - we sell organic food right to Coloradans' front doors along the front range, so we'll be at three local markets a week for the whole summer! My job is the best, I know. You can be jealous.

I love farmers markets for lots of reasons - yes, mostly for food- but there are also some gorgeous and interesting finds from local and brilliant people in your community that you can't find anywhere else.

Sunday's market really inspired me and this summer I'lll be posting a weekly"farmers market find"on Pretty Grounded. On Farmers Market Finds you will see me spotlighting the most exciting, cool, or just plain gorgeous new treasure I find each week.

What do you think? Great! Here we go... 

At the Old Pearl Farmers Market in Denver new Wash Park it was a green-living fair and I found some awesome new things from two local moms who run

$8 reusable sandwich bags "lunch skins" 

Green Up's  online store  had a booth at the market and everything in this brightly colored tent was practical and green (my fav).

I wanted everything - but walked away with a few special items.

1. The velcro-ed, dishwasher safe, reusable sandwich bags in navy blue and yellow patterns
2. The original "spaghetti" kitchen scrubber. This scrubber is not just adorable as you can see below, it's also smart.  Made from corn or peach pits, they smell fresh, dry quickly (less germs), calls for two thirds less dish soap than a normal sponge and lasts for 3 months.

$10 original spaghetti kitchen scrubber - made from corn or peach pits

They're way cuter than sponges, right? And I'm happy to report they work like a dream! 
Do you attend your local farmers market? What did you find? If you'd like to do a guest post, please email me at or tweet me on Twitter



  1. I love farmer's markets! Those scrubbers are cute



  2. I love markets and loved to meet your blog. Very charming and stylish.
    I'm a new follower thru Google, hope you follow back please. :)



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