Tuesday, May 1

Sick in Bed

Today, after amazing Black Keys show, I am home sick. 
No, I didn't drink too much.  Truth is, I had a great night's sleep after the show, but the slight headache I suffered yesterday has morphed into an achey, no good, body flu.

And I dont know what to do. 
Aside from saying in bed and sleeping the rest of the day, 
please enjoy this bit of inspiration from me, to you.


  1. I love that "huh" bag. I feel like I should just be allowed to point at it when people talk to me. Feel better!

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Patty! Being sick is no fun. I saw the Black Keys recently at Coachella- I hope you enjoyed the show as much as me, before you got sick of course. :)

  3. aw feel better :( the worst. I hope it didn't ruin your night last night and you still had a great time at the concert!!


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