Thursday, May 10

Thursday? Bitchin'

shirt: moosejaw boulder, sunnies: urban outfitters, cardigan: loft 
My shirt does say "detroit" and is from the Michigan-based sports apparel store, Moosejaw. A Moosejaw just opened in Boulder and I'm officially obsessed. Ping-pong table in the store? Sold. 

Feeling good great today. Jammin' away at work on my brand new GORGEOUS desktop Mac, scheduling community events for Mile High Organics this summer left -and- right and enjoying the sunny weather we're having in Colorado. 

Can't wait for this weekend! My BFF from back in the mitten is coming to visit and we're going to have a glorious gossip-fest (with a a little food, wine and yoga mixed-in). 

What's up with you this weekend?

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