Tuesday, June 19

Custom Wedding Websites - Hill & Matt 2012

Today I'd to share my best friend from college Hillary's wedding site, with her fiance Matt. I am lucky enough to be in their wedding party in October, and head back home to beautiful Northern Michigan to celebrate the day with them. 

There are more details i can't wait to share with you (the handmade bridesmaid dresses are to die for - seriously), but first check out some screen shots from their adorable homemade website, outlining details of the special day, the wedding party, registration (executed ever so elegantly I might add) and how they met. 

The gold leaf design was made my Matt and Hillary themselves and represents a special day in the woods when they were first dating. As told by the lovely couple, the story goes like this: 

It's a sign
Fall 2004, Matt was visiting from college one weekend and he and Hillary walked the colorful woods. A leaf fell and Hillary failed to catch it, and made her disappointment known. Matt unsure why she cared so much about catching the leaf, politely asked what was wrong. She explained it's good luck to catch a leaf falling in midair. A gust of wind instantly shook the trees and filled the sky with dancing shapes, they boy clasped their hands and to their disbelief they both caught a leaf. It was a sign. 

It's going to be the best party! 

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