Friday, June 1

Commuting on Two Wheels

Sophia Lauren rides a bike, 1960 source

Me and my copper (brown) vintage Chicago Schwinn Suburban,  2010

I am in the market for a new bike. My own Schwinn (above) was fun and aesthetically-almost there, but they called it a suburban for a reason -that shit was HEAVY. I sold her last week, and now need to find a lighter, smarter (more gears please!) simple and classic "commuter" bike.  Below are a few I have been really drawn to. Which of the three below do you like best? Do you think ladies bikes need a step-thru frame or do you like unisex frames too? Please share any bikes/brands you think I should take a look at. I know there are hundreds of smart euro-inspired bike companies doing this sort of thing...

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

The bike I am in love with. PublicBikes

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