Thursday, July 5

The Workout Trade-off

Great News! I've been SO much better at getting to the gym. I've recently joined the YMCA gym here in Boulder - it's perfect and the price is right. I've also drastically cut back on going to yoga at the studio and am instead giving a go again. And it's working.

What also helps? My gym wardrobe is amazing. Like something to be jealous of in my opinion. My dresser now has 2 "workout clothes" drawers and only 1 "cute clothes" drawers.  THAT is progress people.

One drawback of getting back on the gym band wagon? Less showers, more bad hair days, rushed  outfits for the office in the morning and almost two weeks of NO EYELINER. I've had a really hard couple of weeks but I am feeling like July is going to be a great month. A month to focus on myself, my life, my job, and my health.

Where I spent my 4th of July. Yes, paradise. 

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