Sunday, August 5

Complete a Triathlon CHECK!

This is me after the swim thinking - WTF have a I gotten myself into?
This weekend I did my first triathlon with my mountain bestie, Kristie. Final verdit: it was challenging, exhilarating, hard and the best test of fitness I have ever experienced. The swim was the hardest - my nerves got the best of me and I hyperventilated my ass around the bright orange buoys marking the swim path, simultaneously flailing every limb of my body to try and propel me back to land. The bike was difficult but my strongest part of the race... (CLICK READ MORE LINK TO VIEW THE REST OF THIS POST)
Just getting on your bike soaking wet is an experience in itself.  Lastly, I ran most of the 5k run and ended up finishing the triathlon in one hour and 29 minutes. Go me!
Me and Kristie! 

pre race in beautiful Avon, Colorado
The course was gorgeous, the event was well organized, my friend Kristie was by my side - figuratively speaking - literally she swam away from me right at the beginning of the race. I will be doing this triathlon again - but I will not be raising my triathlon goals ever again in my life. Mark my words. It's fun ... but, like, really hard.

Me ...being awkward. 

The spread.

Almost done! 

Photo finish!

Pre-tri feeling optimistic (I had no idea what I was in for)

Delicious chocolate croissant, I earned every calorie of that big buttery thing. 

Day finished poolside. 

Weekend complete, cruising back down the mountains to the city...manicure intact. 


  1. This is AWESOME sis! Hilarious and awesome. Proud.

  2. How much did you train before hand? PS. Congrats, such an awesome accomplishment!


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