Monday, August 6

Salad Bar Monster.

Today I want to share my most recent protein packed salad bar creation.
It really deserves a name but I'm at a loss today. I'd love to hear your ideas... Enjoy! 

  • baby mixed greens spring mix
  • extra arugula
  • peas
  • cooked quinoa
  • shredded carrots
  • mandarin orange slices
  • feta (not pictured)
  • olive oil
  • freshly ground salt & pepper 

Some method behind the madness: 

I love any baby spring mix because it is subtly more mild and sweet in taste compared to a hearty red leaf lettuce. Why the added arugula? Peppery wild arugula is my most favorite in the world. That is why. 

Peas & quinoa are the real secret ingredients to this salad - they're both packed with protein, vitamins & minerals and score low in the calorie department. Together they add a nice texture and heft that will keep you satisfied for hours and make this salad a serious contendor as the main course.  

The shredded carrots and mandarin orange slices are sweet and healthy toppings that have gotten me hooked to this recipe. Finally, finish the salad with fresh crumbled feta (the creamier the better), olive oil,  salt & pepper. 

What are your go-to's at the salad bar? This summer the only dressing I want on any salad has been extra virgin olive oil and S&P. Don't ask me why. Share your salad bar secrets with me in your comments. 

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