Monday, September 10

Weekends Are Best.

'High Street Shoppes' booth at Firefly Market, September 2012

This weekend was absolutely lovely. After a 71-days straight with highs of 90+ degrees, we had our first day BELOW 90 degrees. And let me tell you, it was a glorious occasion - filled with a Saturday morning kiddies football game, bike rides and a trip to the local artesian market. The Firefly Market to be exact, a 'localvore' arts and crafts market that happens a few times throughout the year in Boulder, Colo.

My Found Treasures //

Beautiful piece of natural coral via Buttercup Upcycled Home Goods
Fringe leather handmade bag
Mod vintage cheese cutter  // fashion & function
(I had one growing up and I couldn't live without it)

This is my first abstract piece. I've been waiting for something to 'speak' to me and this one was it. The perfect size, neutral palet and price (a steal at only $50). I still need to figure out where to hang it...

A few lovely rooms with abstract paintings for inspiration//

Have a great week! I am now taking on clients for contract social media work. Please email me if you or anyone you know would like talk social.



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