Tuesday, October 9

(Not So) Grown-up Mac & Cheese

Last night I had a cheese craving. This is what happens when a mac & cheese craving, protein, and a can of vegetables colide. And it was delicious.

1. Slice cooked chicken breast leftover from last night. 
2. Boil water. Add chicken + noodles. Cook 8-10 minutes
3. Strain chicken + noodles. Return to saucepan.
4.  Mix in can of diced tomatoes (strained)
5. Mix in 1/2 of Annie's Cheddar Sauce packet 
(Why half? It's the skinny girl in me)



  1. Sounds delicious! Although I'd mix in the whole pack. I'm a rebel!

  2. uhh why did I see this? Now all I want is mac and cheeseeee.

    but seriously, is this kind good? I've bought tons of different kinds from Whole Foods and I always end up throwing it out the window (not really-trash) because its so gross!


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