Monday, April 22

Boulder Farmers Market

Boulder has one of the best farmers markets I've ever been to and it's runs April - October! This weekend, with Farrah, we hit up the market along with all of the other pale people of Colorado who were were out in full force -  elated to escape our homes and enjoy the sunshine. 
Kyle runs the purchases at the farmers market. He's become the cook in the relationship, which I fully support. It's just the beginning of the year so there isn't a ton of food at the market just yet - but we picked up the freshest spinach I've ever had, a block of local organic cheese, and a strawberry strudel that only made it two tents before it was split in half and devoured. Hence the lack of a picture. 
Puppies aren't allowed on the main drag of Boulder's Farmers Market anymore, but Farrah fits so perfectly inside my huge OG Lo & Sons bag (LOVE that bag)... plus when this adorable nugget is viewable by the public we don't tend to move very far. 
She's just too cute for the public these days. And she's all mine. (muahaha)

Happy Earth Day from snowy Colorado. 
Plans for the up-coming week: 

XX. Recover from my sickness
XX. Support Kyle while he gets his motorcycle license this weekend (ugh...)
XX. Make it through the work week (presentation wednesday, take kids to work day thursday)
XX. Re-arranging and spring cleaning my apartment (wanna see before + after pics?) 
XX. Accidentally finish the second season of Hart of Dixie...<3

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