Wednesday, April 17

furry bundle

we did it - we finally got our dream puppy.
meet farrah. my newest love. 

farrah came home with us on March 15 and it's been the happiest month of my life. 
farrah is a cavalier king charles spaniel. She's five months old and is hilarious, sweet and so smart. 

why the name farrah you ask? well it was always a joke between my bf and I that I wanted a beautiful girly dog with long flowing locks and a pathetically adorable face. 
enter farrah the perfect blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel.
The name that started out as a joke a year before, became the first and only name that came to kyle's mind after meeting our big, brown-eyed beauty. and it's perfect. go figure. 

things farrah excels at this month:
  • sitting
  • shaking
  • not sleeping at night
  • figuring out ways to sleep in the human bed
  • snoozin'
  • eating treats
  • playing the 'chew on my own ear' game
  • walking on the leash
  • snoozin' and cuddling
  • learning to jump on the couch (working on jumping off)
  • bring brave
  • lots of puppy licks and soft puppy bites

for more than your fair share of farrah pics, follow me on instagram @pattybaragar 

I guess you could say we're a happy family.


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