Thursday, April 18

printed business

I have a confession to make. I think I'm in love with paper goods. actually love is a little weak - obsessed maybe? but as of now this love is just pathetic because I don't have a baby, graduation, birthday party, bridal shower or wedding to plan in the near future. bah humbug - right? 

but - the smart girl i am - i managed to find the overlapping section in the venn diagram of myself and paper goods... business cards! they are the perfect treat to hold me over until I can find an occasion to celebrate with a lovely custom printed good to mail to all of my loved ones. 

let's talk business cards. do you do this too? whenever I give someone a business card, it's always missing the one piece of info I really wanted that person to see/know. don't be that girl scribbling something illegible on the back of the card that has already been permanently printed with information about yourself. scribbling someone on the back of card does one thing for me - nullifies how important any information on the printed card actually is. i needed a card printed with all of the great info about myself i usually write on the back of a card: blog url, twitter handle, cell #,  personal email and lastly - my nickname! 

so here's the winning design. after a few glorious days of surfing beautiful paper sites with a mission (remember, I live for this stuff), I designed the perfect card (via Tiny Prints)

i love everything about it, especially how proud I feel when handing them out. 

pro tip: to score a deal, sign up for emails from your tiny prints. every other week they send out wonderful coupons. 

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