Monday, April 14

craving spicy food

Tabasco Tile Mural (it's a real thing)

I have been an absolute fiend for spicy food lately. The spicier the better. 
Red pepper flakes, chili powder, Tabasco, jalapenos? YES. I want all the spicy things. 

I've always liked spicy, but the cravings have been off the hook lately! What could it mean?! 
Well, I'm not pregnant, so we can cross that off the list. 

After poking around I found out craving spicy food is a sign someone may be searching for more adventure and a change from the everyday bland. I can get behind this. I've been trying to kick my ass into gear to get to the gym more and each healthier, after all,  the wedding is only 114 days away! 

How might one practically infuse some fun and danger into everyday life??

Volunteer? Try Kickboxing? Try cycling? Take tennis lessons? Go to Latin dancing lessons with your partner? Change your hair?  (cutting your hair to fix a feeling is almost always a bad idea.) Ban cell phones in bed (seize the day!)?  

Well, when I find the answer I'll let you know. Until then don't even try to serve me eggs without Cholula. 

Cholula at Costco (source)

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