Friday, April 11

Hostess Gift Ideas

With the wedding date quickly approaching (only 112 days to go, but who's counting?) we've been showered with love from family and friends. I've actually been blessed enough to have three wonderful showers hosted in my honor.  The parties have all been unique and absolutely perfect in their own ways, each hosted by wonderful women who will be or are already a huge part of my life.

But how can you really repay someone for hosting a memorable, beautiful shower? There's no way...although hosting a shower for their daughter in the future is always a wonderful thing to keep in mind. But, until that day, a thoughtful gift will have to do.

I've read so many blogs giving advice on what to buy as a hostess gift, but for something as personal as a shower - a candle just isn't enough. Also I believe most articles with ideas for hostess gifts have the price point all wrong....a simple dinner party hostess gift is not equal to a shower hostess gift.

Women who host a shower spend HOURS and hundreds of dollars to put together a beautiful event. They clean before, clean after, plan the menu, test recipes, coordinate the potlock, think about dessert, buy flowers, scan Pinterest (for hours) decorate, buy alcohol, buy, send and address invites, coordinate RSVPs and stress's kind of a big deal to host a shower.

So, for all of that work, a $20 gift is just not enough. Spend as much as you can afford and be sure to let the hostesses know how much you appreciate and notice every detail on the day of the party.

My future mother and sisters in-law

My mom and sisters

The whole gang
In February my beautiful soon-to-be sister in-law Claire and mother in-law threw me a gorgeous, perfectly personalized shower at Claire's loft in downtown Chicago. I wanted to give them a hostess gift bag full of thing I'd love to keep for myself (that's how you know if a gift is good).  So I went to a few of my favorite retailers and filled a large reusable totes with household goodies.

A few other wonderful ideas... 

Have flowers delivered to their home 1-2 days before the shower. The hostess can enjoy them before, during and after the big day. 

SodaStream Starter Kit

Timeless Cake Platter and Dome from Crate& Barrel 


  1. I love your dress for the shower!!! So beautiful - I had such a hard time finding white dresses! love it.

  2. So many great ideas! I love your thinking ;)


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